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Project Description
Karoro is a light-weight, streamlined Atom and RSS feed reader for Windows designed with usability in mind. News isn't treated like mail; instead, everything is shown as a river-of-news, easily sortable by source, date and timespan.




  • Subscribe to Atom/RSS feeds.
  • River-of-news display layout.
  • Custom CSS styles support.
  • Persistent news storage.
  • Automatic detection of feeds on pages.
  • News sorting by source, date and timespan

What's with the name?

It's Māori.
  • karoro · (noun)
  • Definition — seagull, black-backed gull

How does it work?

Karoro is using FeedDotNet for parsing feeds and SQLite for storing them. Styles (themes) are simple HTML/CSS bundles formatted and displayed with the help of the WebBrowser control.

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